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Brownedge St Mary's

St Mary's memorial does not contain a list of those who served.  In relation to the number of fallen, I estimate that some 450 Roman Catholic men from Brownedge served. A list was published in the Preston Herald in February 1915 of the men who had enlisted up to that date, so their names are transcribed here (my thanks to Janet Davis who gave me the copy of the newspaper article). 


I have added other names as I have come across them in my research.

If you have other names you wish to see added to the list, please get in touch via the Contact page.

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1915 Preston Herald List

Ainsworth, Henry

Ainsworth, James

Ball, F

Balshaw, Robert

Balshaw, William

Barton, John T

Brierley, James

Brierley, Thomas

Burton, Robert

Burton, William

Cane, Thomas

Chatburn, Thomas

Cheetham, William

Connor, James

Coupe, Joseph

Coupe, Robert MM

Crook, George

Crook, George 2

Culshaw, Joseph

Darwen, W

Darwen, William

de Rome, Paul

Delaney, John

Derome, Joseph

Dewhirst, Robert

Dewhurst, James

Donnolly, Frank

Doolan, Michael

Doolan, Peter

Dowbakin, John

Eaves, Joseph

Eaves, Joseph 2

Fellows, James

Gaghan, Chris

Garrity, Joseph

Gaskell, Sid

Gerrard, Louis

Halpin, Frank

Halpin, John

Halpin, John 2

Halpin, Thomas

Harrison, Matthew

Haworth, Thomas

Haydock, William

Holland, George M.M.

Holland, John

Hough, Richard

Houghton, Frank

Howe, Harry

Jackson, Austin

Jackson, James

Jackson, Matthew

Jackson, Robert

Kennedy, Thomas

Kenney, Hugh


1915 Preston Herald List

Leeming, Thomas

Livesey, Henry

Livesey, James

Livesey, Matthew

Livesey, Thomas

Mansfield, James

Mansfield, Richard

Martland, Stephen

Melling, Albert

Mercer, Robert

Milton, Richard

Moss, Frank

Moxan, Thomas

Nagle, Chris

O'Donnell, Robert

Orrell, James

Orrell, John

Orrell, Thomas

Parker, James

Parkinson, James D.C.M.

Parkinson, Thomas E

Pullin, Lawrence

Rawcliffe, Frank

Rigby, Henry

Rigby, James

Rigby, Nicholas

Schultz, Joseph

Shannon, James M.M.

Shaw, John

Shorrock, John

Singleton, James

Smith, John

Stirrup, Richard

Stirrup, William

Stott, Frank

Swarbrick, James

Swindlehurst, John

Taylor, William

Thompson, Thomas E

Thompson, William

Tickle, Alfred

Tootle, Thomas

Turner, Joseph

Wakefield, John

Wakefield, John

Walker, William

Waring, Robert

Waterhouse, Robert

Whelan, Joseph M.M.

Whelan, Richard

Wignall, Joseph

Wilding, Henry

Wilkinson, Joseph

Wilson, James

Wilson, Samuel

Woodcock, George

Worden, Robert



Matthew Brierley (d. 11.8.18)

James Brierley 

Thomas Brierley

John (Jack) Brierley (d. 17.4.19)

Matthew Brierley

Thomas Brierley

William Brierley

Christopher Halpin

Henry (Harry) Halpin (d. 16.12.20)

John (Jack) Halpin

Joseph Halpin

William Henry Halpin (d. 14.12.16)

Christopher Nagle

Francis Schultz MM (d. 13.4.18)

Joseph Schultz

Joseph Aloysius Schultz

Thomas Tootle

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