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Joe Dowbakin,Tom Entwistle and Jack Brierley all died in the flu pandemic: Joe in Warrington, Tom in Bamber Bridge and Jack  whilst serving with the army in Germany.  Robert Miller also died of flu, though possibly not the 'Spanish' flu of the previous winter.


Robert Clarkson died in Baghdad.

Vincent Livesey enlisted right at the end of the War and served with the Border Regiment in Ireland, where he died of scarlet fever.  Harry Halpin died of tuberculosis in Bamber Bridge.

Hugh Keany served 9 years in the army in the 1890s, tried to enlist in 1914 but was to old to fight, served in the RDC and finally the Army Pay Corps.

Joseph Dowbakin, Royal Field Artillery/Labour Corps,

8 March 1919

Thomas Joseph Entwistle, MM, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment,

16 April 1919

John Brierley, Royal Field Artillery, 17 April 1919

Robert Henry Clarkson, Army Service Corps, 15 May 1919

Robert Miller, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment),

28 December 191

Vincent Livesey, Border Regiment, 28 April 1920

Henry Halpin, Royal Field Artillery, 16 December 1920

Hugh Keany, Royal Army Pay Corps, 28 January 1921

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