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Bamber Bridge men in Royal Field Artillery
West Lancashire Brigades

Below is a list of men from Bamber Bridge who served in the West Lancashire Brigades of the Royal Field Artillery.  Most of them served in 286 Brigade, "C" Battery.

There are 106 names in the list.  I have included Dr Trimble as he was instrumental in establishing "C" Battery in Bamber Bridge.

The 'denom' column indicates which denomination the man belonged to:

61 of the men were from St Mary's (Roman Catholic, RC)

23 men were from St Saviour's (S)

15 men were from St Aidan's (A)

4 men were from the Methodist chapel (M)

A couple of men appear on more than one denominational roll of honour.  Most of the men came from Bamber Bridge but a few came from the surrounding area:  Francis Schultz, Bert Nickson, Tom Craven  and William Molyneux came from Tardy Gate.  Frederick Martin enlisted in the RFA in Bamber Bridge but lived in Walton Le Dale.

Click on 'biog' next to a name to read more about that man's family background and personal experience of the War.

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